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Measurement laboratory

One of the main criteria for success in tool production is the measurement suitability of the pieces produced. With this in mind, our services include measuring in a contemporary measurement laboratory. In line with the current standards the measurement environment in the laboratory is under constant and precise control, ie maintaining the temperature and relative humidity. Measurements are done on a co-ordinate measuring machine with a highly capable 5-axis head Renishaw PH20 with touch trigger system, and on an OGS brand optical measuring machine, which enables up to 200x magnification. The co-ordinate measuring tool enables us to measure work pieces up to 700x700x600mm, while the optical measuring machine is more limited and can measure work pieces up to 280x280x200mm. Additionally, our laboratory offers an option of measuring the roughness and hardness of surfaces . All the devices are calibrated according to the recommendations by the manufacturer/supplier. In co-ordination with our customers wishes and according to the technical drawing of the work piece, we produce a report as a final product of the measurement service.

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